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One of only two Top 40 pop hits for cult R&B legend Don Covay , "I Was Checkin' Out She Was Checkin' In" is a juicy melodrama of forbidden love, betrayal, and ill-timed coincidence that could have served as the plot of a TV movie of the week. The title basically sums it up: a married man and his mistress check out of a shady motel just as the man's wife and her boyfriend arrive to check in together. There's no confrontation, but the revelation of his wife's own infidelity sends the husband into a whirlwind of anguish and guilt, both at his own misdeeds and at the knowledge that the tables were being turned on him the whole time. The web gets even more tangled when the husband reveals that his mistress is married too, which is the only thing that stops him from making a scene with his own wife. Not only that , but the desk clerk even gives his wife the same room he'd just been in. Covay -- who wrote the song himself -- milks the situation for all it's worth, playing for the audience's sympathy but never taking sides or trying to excuse his narrator's behavior. His vocal is supported by a bed of strings, spacy keyboards, and lilting basslines very much in keeping with the Philadelphia sound of the times; coupled with Covay 's masterful storytelling, it sent the song to number six on the R&B charts and number 29 on the pop side. Covay would later move to the Philadelphia International label and recycle the lyrical theme of "I Was Checkin' Out" on the much more celebratory, disco-flavored "No Tell Motel."

Don Covay - Checkin' In With Don CovayDon Covay - Checkin' In With Don CovayDon Covay - Checkin' In With Don CovayDon Covay - Checkin' In With Don Covay